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If you have been injured in a car accident in Tacoma or Seattle call Ritchie Reiersen Injury Attorneys to get straight, honest answers. Our auto accident attorney Tacoma are experienced helping car accident victims with all aspects of a personal injury claim. Our goal is to treat each car accident case the same way we would handle a case involving our loved ones.

Car accident claims are complicated and frustrating, and to make matters worse, you are left injured, often without a car and now you have a lot of out of pocket expenses. An experienced auto accident attorney makes the process easier and you usually get a much better outcome in the end. It is important to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer for your car crash as soon as possible.  Personal Injury Attorney Lakewood WA

Personal Injury Attorneys

Ritchie Reiersen Injury Attorneys are here to help with you auto accident or other personal injury claims. We have Personal Injury offices with lawyers in Yakima, Kennewick, Tacoma, and Auburn for your convenience. Call our Ritchie Reiersen Personal Injury Attorneys at (253) 204-2245 for a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer.

We also offer Immigration Law services and we’ve helped thousands of people connect and stay with family in the United States.  You need experienced and compassionate representation for your immigration needs.  We offer Citizenship and Naturalization, Visas, Green Cards and all other family based Immigration needs.  We will also assist in Deportation and Removal situations.  Call us today for free Immigration information.  Help is just around the corner.

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Call our Ritchie Reiersen Personal Injury Attorneys at (253) 204-2245 for a free consultation with an experienced Lakewood based accident attorney. Personal Injury and Immigration Lawyer.

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What We Can Do

Ritchie Reiersen Law has experienced personal injury attorneys with experience and knowledge of handling car accidents cases. As your car accident lawyer, Ritchie Reiersen Law handles the medical bills, deals with the insurance companies, takes care of the legal paperwork and ensures you get a fair settlement by negotiating with the insurance company. Ritchie Reiersen Law has personal injury lawyers at locations in Tri-Cities (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco), Yakima, Tacoma (Lakewood), and Auburn. Call today for your free consultation at (253) 204-2245.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Tacoma, understand the nuances of Car Accident Cases. We can help you today!

We have helped thousands of victims get the compensation they deserve. Our track record of successful outcomes totals more than $20 million in injury cases.  We don’t charge you until you win.  Experience Success with Ritchie Reiersen Law.

Our Car Accident Lawyers Work Hard for You By:

  • Finding the right doctors and specialists for medical treatment
  • Getting your medical bills paid and reduced
  • Getting your car fixed or replaced
  • Evaluating the financial value of your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company
  • Pursuing a lawsuit if warranted
  • Personal Injury Lawyer Lakewood WA
personal injury attorney tacoma wa

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Everything you need to know about Car Crash Book

"I wish I would have had this book when I was hit 10 years ago. I made so many mistakes and ended up paying for it with long term injuries that weren't covered, and the regret of looking back at the compensation I should have received for my car, my pain and my time."
-- Jordan from Yakima.

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Get the help after an accident from accident injury lawyers. This book is full of easy to understand action steps so you can protect yourself or your family.

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Our Immigration Services

The immigration process to becoming a U.S. citizen or receiving any type of visa can be very complex and confusing.  Get an experienced immigration lawyers in Kennewick who cares for you and understands the Immigration process.

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Figuring out the best course of action after a car accident can be intimidating. Without taking the right steps to protect your rights, you could miss out on significant sums of money. Our attorney will go the extra mile to secure the maximum compensation you deserve. Get our free e-book on car accidents.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about choosing the right auto injury attorney, dealing with insurance issues, getting medical coverage and more. To discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation, get in touch with our office