The only thing I hate worse than going to a doctors appointment is going to the emergency room. You finally make the dreaded decision to go despite knowing it is going to be crazy expensive and knowing that it is very likely to come out with the typical “take some Tylenol and take it easy” prescription. However, after a car accident going to the Emergency Room is most likely an excellent idea for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, and most obviously, you were just in a car accident, and that is typically an emergency requiring immediate medical attention.

Secondly, being in a car accident is very different than being sick or cutting your finger open. Car accidents have so many variables and often involve slamming into one another with such force that there is all too often a concussion or other injury that the average person would likely not be able to diagnose by themselves.

Thirdly, waiting for any amount of time after an accident before seeing a doctor is giving the at-fault insurance company the green light to start making up excuses as to why they should not pay your medical bills. They often use the statement, “If you are hurt that bad, why did you wait seven days before seeking medical treatment?”

Additionally, one of the primary factors insurance companies consider when making an offer of settlement is the cost of the medical bills. Now to be clear, we do not encourage people to go to the emergency room just to get a higher settlement. However, if you are on the fence about whether you should go, and genuinely have concerns, go to the emergency room as the bills are typically high which in turns helps you get a larger settlement from the insurance company come settlement time.