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    Why Get a Personal Injury Attorney After a Car Accident in Beaverton, Oregon?

    Car accidents cause much more damage than simply putting dents into cars. Injuries sustained after a car accident are much more detrimental, long-lasting, and harder to repair than property damage to a car. If you have been injured in a car accident in the Beaverton, Oregon area you should consider getting a local personal injury attorney who is experienced in car accident injuries.

    Unlike putting a value on a car using the make, model and year, every  body is unique and recovers differently. The job of the insurance adjuster is to settle claims for the absolute lowest amount possible.  Because of this, it is vital to have an experienced car accident attorney on your team. Call Ritchie Reiersen Injury Attorneys today. (503) 549-6299

    Car Accident

    Insurance Companies have Attorneys, You should Too!

    Dealing with insurance companies after a car accident can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, insurance companies use many tactics to reduce the amount of money they pay out in claims after a car accident. Insurance companies employ attorneys, strategists and use computer algorithms to maximize profits and minimize payouts.

    If you want to have a fair playing field after your car accident, hire an experienced personal injury attorney. Call Ritchie Reiersen car accident attorneys in Beaverton & Portland, Oregon today to get your free consultation.(503) 549-6299

    How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help After a Car Accident?

    Much like a plumber who only fixes pipes or a mechanic who specializes in fixing motors and automobiles, a personal injury attorney spends every working day helping victims of car accidents. Personal injury attorneys know the complexities of getting medical bills paid, getting your lost wage paid, and helping you get a fair settlement for the pain and suffering you have due to the car accident.

    Having an experienced car accident attorney will not only save you a lot of headache, but will also ensure that you are not taken advantage of by the insurance company. Call Ritchie Reiersen Personal Injury attorneys in Beaverton & Portland, Oregon today for your free consultation. (503) 549-6299


    Why Ritchie Reiersen Personal Injury Attorneys in Beaverton, Oregon?

    Ritchie Reiersen Personal Injury and Car Accident Attorneys have helped thousands of people who have been injured. Not only do we help those injured in car accidents, but we also help people injured as pedestrians, riding bicycles, attacked by dogs, or who slip and fall due to the negligence of someone else. At Ritchie Reiersen Law we love what we do, and we appreciate the opportunity to help people who have been injured.

    We strongly believe that our clients deserve the best possible service – and we strive to provide that. It is an honor earn the trust of every one of our clients through the service we provide. We love being able help our clients who in are unfortunate situations access manageable and positive outcomes. Call Ritchie Reiersen Car Accident Lawyers in Beaverton, Oregon today. (503) 549-6299

    What to do After an Auto Accident in Beaverton, Oregon

    1- Call the police.

    2- Get medical attention.

    3- Inform your insurance of the accident.

    4- Get expert help from an experienced personal injury attorney.

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      Figuring out the best course of action after a car accident can be intimidating. Without taking the correct steps to protect your rights, you could miss out on a significant sum of money. Our attorneys will go the extra mile to secure the maximum compensation you deserve. Get our free e-book on car accidents.  You’ll learn everything you need to know about choosing the right auto injury attorney, dealing with insurance issues, getting medical coverage and more. To discuss the specifics of your case during a free consultation, get in touch with our office.