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Why is it Important to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Car accidents happen every day in Puyallup. Even a minor car accident can have major consequences on the pocketbook. When you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may have to decide whether or not you need help navigating the world of insurance claims. Can an individual successfully handle a claim on their own? Yes, of course! Can an experienced personal injury attorney help that process be smoother and have you walk away with a significantly better outcome? Absolutely!




At Ritchie Reiersen Law in Puyallup, we know individuals are fully capable of handling their own claims when they are small claims. What we have seen through our many years of practice, however, is that when the claim is bigger and the injury is more involved, insurance companies get harder and harder to work with through the negotiations. With one of our car accident attorneys on your side, however, you can be assured that your rights are being protected and that you will be much more likely to receive fair compensation for the damages you have incurred.

What Does an Auto Accident Attorney Do?

Listen to you. Each person who comes to us has a unique experience. We will listen to the details of your experience and build the case around your needs.
Collect Evidence. We will compile medical files, police reports and witness statements, as well as any other necessary reports, to support your needs.
File the claim. We will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.
Represent your best interests. While the insurance company is going to be protecting its bottom line, we will fight hard to keep your needs as the focus of all negotiations.

Seek justice when necessary. In some cases, such as drunk driving accidents, it will be necessary that the offender be held liable for their actions in a court of law.
Seek proper compensation. The insurance industry will try to discount your injuries and experiences. Our job is to ensure you receive the fair and proper compensation that you deserve.


At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we know how much of an impact a car accident can have on your life. We will do the work while you focus on healing. With years of experience, you can rest easy knowing we have your best interests at heart. For a free consultation with one of our
compassionate personal injury attorneys, call us today at (253) 204-2244.


Dedicated Local Personal Injury Lawyers in Puyallup Washington

Ritchie Reiersen Law in Puyallup is staffed by a group of local attorneys who have years of experience helping people get their lives back after they have been injured due to the negligence of another. At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we treat our clients like family. We will always go the extra mile as well as fight to the end to protect our clients’ rights.
Backed by thousands of clients who have had successful settlements negotiated by us, we have a strong reputation for being able to get the results our clients need. We have over 500 5-star reviews and have helped our clients recover over $25 million in compensation.
At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we know that life after an injury can feel incredibly overwhelming. We want our clients to understand that they don’t have to face that rough road on their own. We love what we do and feel fortunate we have the opportunity to help people when they’re at some of their lowest points in life. Call us  at (253) 204-2244 to find out how we can help you.

Why Should I Choose Ritchie Reiersen Law?

At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we know how stressful it can be to deal with an injury. Add in the fact that insurance companies intentionally create the claims process to be overwhelming, and suddenly life can feel extremely hard. When you decide to work with one of our car accident attorneys, you can rest and focus on healing, knowing that we are doing everything in our power to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

We are pleased to offer a free consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. This gives our prospective clients the opportunity to share their experience with us and ask us their questions. We will give honest and straightforward feedback, with no pressure added. At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we don’t get paid unless we win your case. There are no upfront costs and no hidden fees. Call us today and let us help you see how the future can be bright once again.

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Client Satisfaction is a Top Priority for Ritchie Reiersen Law

At Ritchie Reiersen Law in Puyallup, we love the work we do each day. We recognize that we are in a unique position to be able to help people who are experiencing significant challenges in their life. We get great joy out of helping our clients face an uncertain future with confidence in their ability to get life back on track.

The personal injury attorneys at Ritchie Reiersen Law have years of experience and are dedicated to helping all of our clients receive the compensation and consideration they deserve. We are staunch advocates for victims’ rights and we don’t give up until the job is successfully completed. We will do the hard work, but we keep our clients involved and informed in each step of the process. And when it comes time to settle the claim, we don’t agree to any settlement unless our client is 100% on board with it.

At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we treat our clients like family and are honored to be able to earn their trust.

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, consider a free consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer right away. Insurance companies often try to settle early – typically for a small amount of money that may not even cover the medical expenses. A good personal injury attorney will make sure your injuries are well documented. Additionally, your auto accident attorney will ensure you are fully compensated for the impacts your injuries will have on your current and future life.

While we will be the first to admit that many small accident claims can be handled successfully by an individual, Ritchie Reiersen Law knows that the insurance companies hire lawyers to protect their main interest – their bottom line. With an auto accident attorney on your side, your rights will be protected from the beginning. We will handle the hard work on your behalf and stand up for your right to fair and proper compensation.

Call Ritchie Reiersen Law in Puyallup today at (253) 204-2244. We offer a free consultation for prospective clients and are happy to give you  honest feedback. Navigating the road ahead after a car accident can be hard, but you don’t have to do it alone. Ritchie Reiersen Law is here to help you every step of the way.


Top 5 Reasons to Get A Puyallup Car Accident Attorney:

● You have been injured in an auto accident.

● There are medical bills that need to be paid.

● You find insurance companies are hard to work with.

● Your vehicle was damaged in an auto accident.

● You want a fair settlement from the insurance company.

What Types of Auto Accident Cases Does Ritchie Reiersen Law Handle?

Semi-Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

● Rear End Car Accidents

Drunk Driving Accidents

● Multiple Vehicle Car Crashes

Pedestrian versus Vehicle Car Accidents

● T-bone Auto Accidents

● Bicycle versus Vehicle Accidents

● Phantom Car Accidents

● Hit and Run Car Crash

● Fatal Auto Accidents

Wrongful Death in a Car Accident


Our Car Accident Lawyers Work Hard for You By: 

  • Finding the right doctors and specialists for medical treatment 
  • Getting your medical bills paid and reduced 
  • Getting your car fixed or replaced 
  • Evaluating the financial value of your claim 
  • Negotiating with the insurance company 
  • Pursuing a lawsuit if warranted 
Call Ritchie Reiersen  Personal Injury Attorney Puyallup WA at (253) 204-2244 for a free consultation.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Puyallup Understand Car Accidents

 We have helped thousands of victims get the compensation they deserve. Our track record of successful outcomes totals more than $25 million in injury cases.  We don’t charge you until you win.  Experience Success with Ritchie Reiersen Law – Puyallup Car Accident Lawyer. (253) 204-2244

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