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Being injured in a car accident can cause more than just physical anguish; it can make life for you and your family incredibly challenging.  Severe physical injuries may prevent you from working for a period of time – which can lead to additional stress about how to pay your bills, feed your family, and continue with the medical treatment you require to heal.  

At Ritchie Reiersen Law in University Place, we want to help you regain financial security for your future. Our auto accident attorneys have years of experience working with people in this exact situation. Our goal is to reduce your stress while we fight to get you a fair compensation for the injuries that you have endured.  Call us for a free consultation at (253) 204-2245.

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How Can Ritchie Reiersen Law Help You?

Ritchie Reiersen Law is a firm that is respected among local professionals for the work we do in personal injury cases.  With the power that comes from years of experience, we dedicate our full efforts to protect the rights of our clients and to fight for the maximum compensation that they deserve.

We know how to successfully navigate the tricky world of insurance claims, and do so on your behalf – allowing you the time you need to focus on healing and getting your life back.  We are pleased to offer a free consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys. Call us today at (253) 204-2245 to find out how we can help you.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

With a growing population in and around the Seattle and Tacoma areas, car accidents are happening all the time. Whether you’re in a car, on foot, or on a bike, in Pierce county there are always a number of vehicles sharing the road with you. When an accident happens, it is important to have a personal injury lawyer you trust. At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we have years of experience handling these types of cases and know how to help you work through the claims process successfully.  

When you’ve been injured due to the negligent actions of someone else, the personal injury attorneys at Ritchie Reiersen Law in University Place are able to help provide you with the power you need to receive the compensation you deserve. You can feel confident with the service we offer knowing that we have your needs at the heart of everything we do.

Serious Car Accident Injuries

At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we know that even minor accidents can cause major injuries.  Injuries to the head, neck, and spine can leave you with life-altering consequences.  Brain trauma and spinal column injuries come with a significant amount of medical expenses and can take years to recover from.

Ritchie Reiersen Law in University Place will be aggressive to ensure the insurance companies and the at-fault individuals are held responsible for the years of pain and medical attention your injuries will involve. Life with serious injuries can feel really overwhelming – but know that you don’t have to face it alone.  We will treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve while we tirelessly fight on your behalf.  Call Ritchie Reiersen Law today at (253) 204-2245.

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Loved one

Loss of a Loved One

There is nothing worse in a car accident than losing a member of your family to the injuries that they sustained because of the negligence of another.  At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we feel your pain on a personal and deep level. 

We will work tirelessly on your behalf to hold the negligent driver responsible for their actions.  We understand that your world has been stopped in its tracks, and we will honor your need to focus on the grief process while we work through the legal process on your behalf. 

Our Relationship with Our Clients

At Ritchie Reiersen Law in University Place, we know how important the client-attorney relationship is. We commit ourselves to empowering you through thoughtful discussion and helping you understand the why and how behind each step we will go through together.

We strive to treat our clients the same way we treat our family – with compassion and respect. We understand each person is an individual with unique experiences and needs. We aim to respect these experiences as we tailor each claim to the unique needs of each client. Regardless of the details of the case, our ultimate goal is always the same – to protect the rights of our clients and help them receive the compensation they deserve.

Customized, Detailed and Complete Legal Support 

With over 500 5-star reviews from previous clients, the personal injury attorneys at Ritchie Reiersen Law know that it is important to treat each client like family, and approach each case with empathy and respect. We are staunch advocates for victim’s rights. When you have been injured due to the negligent or willful wrongdoing of another person, you need someone by your side who can help you through the recovery process.

First, we will document your injuries and associated requirements for compensation.  Then we will be relentless in our fight to get you the justice you deserve.  At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we love the work we do and are grateful for the unique opportunity we have to help people get through a very troubling time.  For a free consultation, call Ritchie Reiersen Law today at (253) 204-2245.

Experienced & Skilled Car Accident Lawyers in University Place

The auto accident attorneys at Ritchie Reiersen Law have years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge to draw from as we strive to help each client receive the justice and compensation they deserve after being injured in an auto accident.  We have spent years negotiating the insurance networks and we understand how the system works.

We have the experience and tools necessary to determine the effects the injury will have on your present and future life, and we are dedicated to getting you the maximum benefits for the pain you have endured. 

Feel free to contact us at any time at (253) 204-2245. We are here to protect your rights as we work hard to resolve your case.

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 You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we know the road ahead can seem overwhelming when you’ve been injured in a car accident.  We want you to know that you don’t have to take on the insurance companies alone!  Because we don’t get paid unless we win your claim on your behalf, you can feel confident that we have your best interests at heart.  Insurance companies strive to protect one thing – their bottom line.  We will fight to keep your needs at the center of all negotiations.  Call us today at (253) 204-2245 to schedule a free consultation.

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