Car accidents can be very stressful and the last thing that a lot of people consider is taking even more time to find and retain a personal injury attorney given the fact that they are already taking time addressing injuries, dealing with insurance companies and repairing their vehicle.

Many accident victims don’t realize that retaining a lawyer in the days or hours after an accident means gaining an advocate to help you make critical decisions and almost always save you a lot of time. It’s never too soon to consult an attorney after a crash.

Many people don’t realize they have options in the aftermath of an accident. You have the right to choose what doctor you want to see and also to choose the auto body shop you want to use to fix your vehicle. Additionally, immediately following an accident, all the involved insurance companies are going to require recorded statements, which can be detrimental to your claim if done incorrectly.

Some clients don’t initially consult a lawyer because they trust that insurance companies will fairly cover their medical bills, vehicle repairs and lost time at work. Unfortunately, this is the exception to the rule. All too often clients wait until they are exceptionally frustrated and have wasted a lot of time before seeking an attorney. The attorney’s job is to take away most of that frustration for you, hence getting an attorney early on in the case not only helps take away your frustrations, but also helps you get a better settlement. If you are ever involved in a car accident, let the injury attorneys at Ritchie Reiersen answer your questions and get you the settlement you deserve. 509-396-5577.