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How to Find the Right Doctor after a Car Accident

For most people, getting into a car accident is not at the top of their “To Do” list of things to do for the day. Unfortunately, car accidents happen whether we want them or not. Many things make getting into a car accident frustrating, not the least of which is the damage to your car, you are likely injured, and now you are missing work, family events and can’t enjoy the things you once took for granted.

One of the often-overlooked frustrations that you must deal with after a car accident is finding the right doctor. Many people find it necessary after a car accident to go to the emergency room and there is not much you can do to choose who the emergency doctor is going to be, but you do have a choice as to who is going to be your treating physician following the initial emergency visit.

A treating physician is typically an orthopedic surgeon, physical therapist, chiropractor and/or your family doctor. It is vital to make sure you choose this doctor wisely as it can have devastating effects on the case. It is important to note that just because these doctors are great at handling the medical treatment does not necessarily mean their notes and their documentation are going to be advantageous to meet the requirements that the insurance companies are going to request in order to give you a fair settlement and pay all of your medical bills.

It is crucial that you find doctors who are experienced in billing car insurance companies for medical bills as well as doctors who are experienced writing records for motor vehicle accidents. The best way to find these doctors is to ask around. Ask your friends and family if they have ever been in an accident, and if so, which doctors they saw. Another considerable resource is asking an experienced personal injury attorney. Car accident attorneys spend their days looking through medical records and analyzing and dissecting medical files from many different doctors. These injury attorneys can give you a list of providers who have experience dealing with patients involved in auto accidents. If you have questions, call an accident attorney like Brandon Ritchie or Eric Reiersen. They offer a free first consultation to help you down the road of recovery.

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