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If your or a loved one have been injured in a car wreck you know, or can imagine, the feeling of helplessness and the questions that come to mind as you process what happened and what to do next. A normal day became one you’ll remember and replay. We want to help you make it one you won’t look back on with regret.

Brandon Ritchie wrote this book to provide the kind of peace of mind you need when you’re weighing out your possibilities and priorities. With it he hopes to answer the crucial questions you’ll likely have as you begin on a journey you didn’t expect.


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We Wrote The Book On Car Accidents

Everything You Need To Know To Put Your Best Foot Forward

From our experience in handling thousands of auto accident cases and the high frequency of uninformed decisions that were detrimental to our client’s cases, we wrote this crash book with the hope that you will read it and secure the proper care and compensation you have a right to receive.

There are too many opportunities for easy-to-make mistakes after an injury. Many that can leave serious, long-lasting injuries undiagnosed or untreated, and ultimately uncovered because they weren’t documented or addressed.

This crash book is intended to provide you with guidelines of what to watch out for and what to expect.

I wish I would have read this 8 years ago. I thought you had to be greedy to hire an injury lawyer, and I didn’t know my neck injury would only surface two years after my accident. Not only did I get less than what my car was worth, in the end I got subpoena’d to re-state my testimony for the third time, and return home one day early from a European vacation. This cost me $1500 in plane tickets! My insurance company offered nothing.”

Jordan from Yakima
crash book

We hope this Crash book will empower you to do the right thing

Even if you never call us.

We’re passionate about helping people who have been injured by others and hope this crash book is one more way we can continue making the recovery process less painful. Check this book introduction;

Table of contents

  • Intro: What To Do Right After A Car Accident
  • Do You Have Property Damage?
  • How Do You Deal With The Insurance Company?
  • How Do You Get Medical Treatment?
  • How Do You Pay For Medical Bills?
  • How Do You Get Paid If You Can’t Work?
  • When And How Do You Close Your Case?
  • How Do You Choose An Attorney?

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How Will I Pay For My Medical Bills?

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What Happens If I Miss Work?