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    How Can Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Attorneys in Kennewick, Washington Help Me?

    Having a local Immigration Attorney in Kennewick, Washington can make all the difference in the success of your immigration case. The laws surrounding United States immigration are complicated and change often. Additionally, the application process can be confusing and quite overwhelming to go through.

    Due to these and other stressful factors, many individuals who have immigration needs find it helpful to consult with an Immigration Attorney to help them with their case. At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we have a full team of Immigration Attorneys in our Kennewick office who are experienced and ready to help you with all of your immigration needs:


    • Citizenship and Naturalization
    • Family-Based Immigration Services
    • Deportation and Removal Process Defense
    • Visas
    • Green Cards

    Getting the Right Immigration Lawyer in Kennewick, Washington

    Immigration applications can have hundreds of pages, with complex questions and requirements. Dealing with judges, ICE officials, and law enforcement can be frightening. With an experienced Immigration Lawyer on your side, you can relax and trust us to assist you in understanding the process as we help you towards the outcome you need. For all your immigration needs, call Ritchie Reiersen Law Immigration Attorneys in Kennewick today at (509) 396-5577. The consultation is always free.


    How Much Will Getting an Immigration Lawyer Cost Me?

    Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Lawyers understand that immigration law can be time consuming, and that immigration cases take a long time to resolve. Because of this, we charge a “flat fee” for our immigration services in an effort to keep them affordable for our clients. This is in comparison to the typical hourly fee that many attorneys charge, which can easily become unaffordable in immigration cases. Depending on what services you need from us, we will let you know what it will cost. There will not be hidden fees, and we offer convenient payment plans for our clients. Additionally, consultations are always free. If you have immigration questions or needs, call Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Law today for a free consultation with one of our local Kennewick Immigration Attorneys. (509) 396-5577

    I Have a Family Member in the US Illegally. Can You Help Them Become Legal?


    At Ritchie Reiersen Law, we have Immigration Attorneys locally in our Kennewick office who can help with family-based immigration services. If you are a legal citizen of the United States, you may be able to help your family member gain legal status. If they are immediate family members (spouse of a U.S. citizen, unmarried child of U.S. citizen, or parent of U.S. citizen), they may be eligible to file for an Immediate Relative Visa. Immediate relatives are given priority in the immigration process, and the wait time tends to be relatively short.

    The second option for family-based immigration is called Family Preference Visa. This category allows U.S. citizens and residents (green card holders) to sponsor a relative who does not qualify under the outlined parameters under the Immediate Relative Visa. This category of Visa can have a significant wait time, however – anywhere from as little as 18-months, up to 25 years.

    For the most up-to-date information on Visa wait time, visit The Visa Bulletin and click on “Current Visa Bulletin”.

    Every case is unique, and while we are happy to lead you toward general information, we encourage you to contact an Immigration Attorney with your questions for more specific answers. All consultations with our Kennewick Immigration Attorneys are free – call today to schedule yours. (509) 396-5577

    I Need a Visa. How Do I Get One?

    There are over 180 types of visas available in the United States. It is important to understand what type of visa you need to apply for, as the process can be confusing and time consuming. The type of visa you will require depends on the reason you are coming to the U.S., and the period of time you intend to stay here. Immigrant Visas are granted to individuals who desire to live in the United States permanently. Non-immigrant Visas are given to those who are permanent residents of another country but would like to visit or stay in the U.S. temporarily. Non-immigrant Visas that are used most often include:

    • F-1 Visa (Student visa to study in the U.S.)
    • J-1 Visa (Cultural exchange, especially medical or business training)
    • M-1 Visa (Student studying Vocational Studies in the U.S.)
    • Work Visas – E, H, L, and P category visas

    The process to determine which visa is the correct one for yourself or your loved one can be complicated. With the help of an experienced Immigration Lawyer, the process can be significantly easier. Because of the complex requirements and options, mistakes are easy to make – holding up your application and putting off your goal of obtaining a visa. Call Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Lawyers in Kennewick today to speak with a local Immigration Attorney. With a set fee schedule for each transaction to save you money, and a free consultation, our Immigration Attorneys can help you and your family members achieve their dreams. Call us today at (509) 396-5577.

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    Our Experienced Immigration Deportation Lawyers in Kennewick, Washington are Here to Help

    Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Lawyers in Kennewick, Washington have helped hundreds of families navigate through deportation and removal proceedings. There are very few things more scary than finding yourself or a member of your family locked up due to immigration issues. If you have already had a deportation hearing and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may be able to appeal the decision. We can protect your rights when you or someone you know is being held by ICE. Additionally, when you’re going through the deportation process and you don’t feel your needs are being addressed, we can help determine whether you have grounds to make an appeal. Call Ritchie Reiersen Immigration Attorneys in Kennewick, Washington today for your free immigration consultation.

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